Rihanna "Bitch Better Have My Money" (NSFW video)

Rihanna 'Bitch Better Have My Money' (NSFW video)
The opening screen of Rihanna's video for "Bitch Better Have My Money" promises strong language, violence and nudity, and the seven-minute NSFW clip delivers on all these accounts.

The clip for this brashly confrontational, hip-hop-inflected pop banger begins in fairly civilized fashion, as we're taken inside of a very upscale residence. But things quickly take a turn of a criminal, as Rihanna and her crew kidnap a woman and get up to all sorts of strange, sadistic behaviour. The story ends in a very violent manner, and we see exactly what happens if you don't give Rihanna her money. The final scene shows Rihanna bathed in blood.

The clip was directed by RiRi herself along with Megaforce. Its arrival follows a recent teaser snippet. Watch the full video below.

Meanwhile, the details of Rihanna's upcoming album still haven't been confirmed.