Rihanna "BBHMM"

Rihanna 'BBHMM'
Rihanna threw the internet into a tizzy on late Wednesday, promising that a new single would arrive today (March 26). In the wee hours of the night, she's just announced that the single is now available.

Of course, due to some sort of crass cross-promotion, the song's only currently available on some app called Dubsmash where you take videos of yourself lip-syncing to music. Worse yet, the song only appears through a few seconds-long snippets. 

Still, from what we can hear, "BBHMM" (which does in fact stand for "Bitch Better Have My Money") is going to be a radio-ready pop-rap banger. There's an intro and an outro, and if you search "Bitch Better Have My Money" you can find two lines from its middle section.

If you're too impatient to wait for a proper leak, you can access the snippets through the iTunes link below.

UPDATE: You can now hear the entire track below.