Rihanna "American Oxygen" (video)

Rihanna 'American Oxygen' (video)
Over the weekend, Rihanna debuted "American Oxygen," a new song from her forthcoming eighth studio album. Today, the studio version of the song has arrived in full alongside a new video.

The high-budget video belongs to a long tradition of vaguely sociopolitical pop songs, pairing shots of RiRi with classic patriotic Americana (Hail Mary pass touchdowns, Fourth of July fireworks, the Beatles for some reason) with archival footage of strife (homeless veterans, 9/11, burning buildings). Though it's fairly cliché, it's a nice enough clip to pair with the pensive pop song.

Watch the video for "American Oxygen" over at Tidal.

UPDATE: For non-Tidal subscribers, the video has now been uploaded to VEVO, and you can watch it in the player below.