Riff Raff "iNSTAGRAM" (video)

Riff Raff 'iNSTAGRAM' (video)
If you're wondering what Riff Raff's been up to in the lead-up to the release of his much-delayed Neon Icon LP, it looks as if he's been splitting his time prepping new tunes and throwing out likes to all the social media hotties out there. At least, that's what we're taking away from the video to the heavily braided rap oddity's new single, "iNSTAGRAM."

As for the song, it has DJ Noodles cribbing molly poppin', Instagram-indebted lines from Trinidad James' "All Gold Everything," and pairing those with fast claps and Orville Redenbacher-approved synth pops. Jody Highroller's bars, meanwhile, have him investing in jewelry and Versace bed sheets, dropping gals that don't like his attitude, and talking about some fly selfies.

As you'll see down below, Riff Raff is seen onstage with the Mad Decent crew, playing with his phone in a fancy whip, and snapping shots of his girl with a big ol' SLR. The video is also littered with girls rifling through their filter options to post the baddest pics, even if it means posting one with a tiny pooch that clearly has no idea how to apply its eyeliner.