Riff Raff "Carlos Slim"

Riff Raff 'Carlos Slim'
After having a relatively quiet 2015 on the music front, presumably so he could continue training as a professional wrestler, neon icon Riff Raff has reappeared with a new single in tow.

Titled "Carlos Slim," the new track was produced by 808 Mafia and rides heavy on the low end, bolstered by a twinkling piano melody. Quotables from the neon icon himself include "I can't be held back, no leash, capiche?" and the ubiquitous hook "Diamonds shining jumpin' out the gym. I might move to Mexico, Carlos Slim."

While there's no word on whether this track will appear on his forthcoming 'The Peach Panther' and 'The Purple Panther' albums, take a listen to "Carlos Slim" in the player below.