Richard Laviolette A Little Less Like a Rock, A Little More Like Home

Guelph, ON resident Richard Laviolette is a gem of a contemporary folk songwriter with a compelling voice and he’s composed a remarkable full-length here. Laviolette is one of these old souls trapped in a young body and he draws upon traditions in rock and folk music to create something fresh and imaginative. All on his own, he brings a host of instrumentation to his versatile voice, which can swing from a delicate whisper to a guttural bark in the same breath. "Pumpkin Heads” is a lovely, meandering song and "Ordinary Fellow” reveals Laviolette’s gifts as a storyteller and tunesmith. The vivid depictions of "You’re Dead!” and barroom blues of "Finding Comfort in Eulogies” are stirring and it’s difficult to deny the power of "Thesaurus” or the whimsical protest song "Anti-Anything.” The local hit "Qq” reveals Laviolette’s warmth and humour, which also comes through in romantic songs like "Oncoming Trains.” Full of confidence and promise on this record, Richard Laviolette is a shining-light in the home rock movement that music lovers should seek out. (Allan King Associates Ltd.)