Rich Aucoin Unveils 'We're All Dying to Live' LP

Rich Aucoin Unveils 'We're All Dying to Live' LP
This just might be the most guest-heavy album we've ever heard of. Halifax-based party-starter Rich Aucoin is getting ready to release a new album, and a press released promises that it's a "musical scrapbook compiling over 500 musicians, friends and fans from across Canada." The collection is called We're All Dying to Live and it's due out November 1 on Sonic Records.

When making the LP, the songwriter "invited everyone and anyone who wanted to be on the record." He ended up finding contributors including "multiple choirs to some of Canada's finest musicians."

In statement, Aucion explains, "The record is really about making big life decisions or at least about thinking about those decisions and how to live one's life."

There's 22 songs on the record, one of which is called "500 People Talking." We can only imagine what that's going to sound like. Check out the tracklist below and the album cover above.

Before the album release, Aucion will be hitting the road once again for another unforgettable tour of festival shows. The singer apparently "wants to be surrounded by everyone he knows and loves and everyone he has yet to know and love every night forevermore."

Scroll past the tracklist for the dates. More are due to be announced soon.

We're All Dying to Live:

1. "The Morning Becomes Eclectic Overture"
2. "All You Cannot Live Without"
3. "Being in Need of Something"
4. "Even If All Your Friends Abandon You SMiLE"
5. "Brian Wilson Is A.L.i.V.E."
6. "We're All Slaves to the Two-Four"
7. "Only the Little Creatures Know"
8. "It"
9. "The Greatest Secret in the World"
10. "Watching Ice Station Zebra for the 151st Time"
11. "P:U:S:H"
12. "We Must Imagine Sisyphus/Ourselves Happy"
13. "1929-1971"
14. "Watching, Wishing, Waiting"
15. "Please Give This to Seymour Stein"
16. "Hope for the Flowers"
17. "Undead Pt. "1 - Estrangement"
18. "Undead Pt. "2 - Reconciliation"
19. "Watching Herzog and Listening to the Idiot"
20. "Living to Die"
21. "Dying to Live"
22. "500 People Talking"

Tour dates:

9/13 Toronto, ON - The Drake Hotel (TIFF)
9/17 Fredericton, NB - Harvest Jazz & Blues Festival
9/21 Montreal, QC - Mission Santa Cruz (Pop Montreal)
9/22 Montreal, QC - Sala Rossa (Pop Montreal)
9/25 Montreal, QC - Le Divan Orange (Pop Montreal)
10/19 Halifax, NS - St. Matthews United Church (Halifax Pop Explosion)