Rich Aucoin 'We're All Dying to Live' (album stream)

Rich Aucoin 'We're All Dying to Live' (album stream)
There's been a lot of talk about Halifax-based musician Rich Aucoin's upcoming album We're All Dying to Live. Not only is it the second album in a three-part trilogy, but the overly ambitious recording process has left many intrigued and excited to hear the end result. Luckily, the album is now available to stream at before its November release.

Boasting 22 songs and more than 500 guest musicians, Aucoin admitted to Exclaim! earlier this year that "It's easily the most overwhelming thing I've ever done. There would be points where I'd be paralyzed with the sheer amount of emailing that I had to do."

Among the record's guests are children's choirs and a bevy of amateur musicians and friends, as well as well-known Canadian talent like Dan Mangan, Joel Plaskett and Jenn Grant. Aucoin also recorded in an estimated seven or eight studios, including a session at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London, UK.

The album is the second part of a planned trilogy. According to Aucoin, 2007's Personal Publication was about "love," We're All Dying to Live is about "life" and a future album called Ephemeral will be about "loss."

We're All Dying to Live is available to stream below and will be released November 1 via Sonic Records. You can also check out his upcoming tour dates here, and given the glowing reputation Aucoin has built around his ambitious and over-the-top live show, these are concerts you'd be wise to check out.