Rich Aucoin "Want to Believe" (video)

Rich Aucoin 'Want to Believe' (video)
Never one to shy away from adventure (or epic music videos), Halifax popsmith Rich Aucoin has delivered a new clip for "Want to Believe."

The track comes from this year's sophomore LP Ephemeral, while the video itself is better described as a short blockbuster film. Harkening back to good old-fashioned coming of age flicks, the video sees Aucoin as a down-and-out non-believer who comes back around to his senses with the help of a gang of particularly adventurous kids.

"Rich's track brought back memories of my youth," said director Jason Eisener (Hobo with a Shotgun) in a press release. "Going on adventures with friends and believing that we could find ghosts, monsters and aliens. Being an adult sucks, and you can get so caught up in grown up stuff you forget that it can be fun to just believe in the paranormal. Rich and I both grew up on movies like The Monster Squad, The Goonies, The Sandlot and The Explorers, and we always knew if we were ever to going to make a music video together we had to create our own kids adventure."

Aucoin himself said: "It was incredibly fun to make. Shooting all night till dawn with a youthful excitement of creating something in the vein of so many of our favourite films. I hope people enjoy the hard work of so many people who put this labour of love together."

He added, "Oh, I also hope that putting my real phone number in the video turns out to be a good idea!"

Check out the high-action video below.