Rich Aucoin "Want to Believe" on Exclaim! TV

Rich Aucoin 'Want to Believe' on Exclaim! TV
Known for his engaging, theatrical live performances, Rich Aucoin has garnered himself a rabid following of fans worldwide. His use of visuals, confetti cannons and even a giant parachute doesn't detract from hearing Aucoin's music in a live setting, but enhances it in a way exhibited by very few others.

We invited the Halifax native to the back alley behind the Exclaim! office for a performance of "Want To Believe," taken from his recently released sophomore studio record Ephemeral.

Though he didn't bring his battery of live performance tools with him this time around, Aucoin certainly wasn't short of infectious energy. The man tears through his new piece complete with heavy-handed keyboard playing and quick, slap-back reverb. Hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, he remains incredibly expressive in carrying the stripped-down driving piano tune to its end.

Watch Aucoin's performance in the player below. For those on Canada's east coast, be sure to catch the man's Exclaim!-presented performance in his hometown on October 23 as part of the Halifax Pop Explosion.

Filmed and edited by Katherine Kwan
Audio by Nash Bussieres