Rich Aucoin Public Publication (preview)

Rich Aucoin <i>Public Publication</i> (preview)
Halifax's Rich Aucoin created one of the greatest audio-visual shows I've every seen with his Personal Publication EP. Creating Flaming Lips-esque indie rock specifically designed to sync with Dr. Seuss's classic "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" was a stroke of DIY genius. Unfortunately, while touring across the country on his bike, donating proceeds from his shows to charity, Aucoin received a cease and desist letter from the Dr. Seuss folks, effectively retiring his show.

Undeterred, but certainly more cognizant of intellectual property law, Aucoin has crafted a new record entitled Public Publication, again with the express purpose of soundtracking a visual component. This time however, Aucoin chose to plunder segments from over 50 films already in the public domain.

While there's still no firm release date, Aucoin has posted a teaser video on his myspace page to give us a taste of the music he created "with over 500 musicians from Victoria, BC to Saint John's, NFLD." We wait with baited breath…

Watch a preview of Rich Aucoin's Public Publication below.