Ricardo Teté Geringonça

What is it about Paris that seems to bring out such rich musicianship from the countless foreign artists who now call the city their personal recording space? São Paulo native Ricardo Teté is the latest to draw from the French capital’s creative wellspring, turning in an intriguing debut set brimming with intricate sonic inflections spread over an expressive blend of traditional and unconventional rhythms, topped off with a wealth of poetic lyricism in the vein of Brazil’s most influential legends. The complex arrangements of Geringonça are highlighted on cuts like the chaotic "Nau De Ícaros” and "Rimas,” with the singer/guitarist opening with a layered and percussive 20-bar a cappella intro before the rest of the instruments fill out the track. On "Tristeza Pé No Chão,” Teté conveys a profound hopelessness through each of the traditional elements of the Brazilian carnival’s famed samba schools, while the slinky "Il Ne Faut Pas Briser Un Rêve” finds Ricardo and his French female accompanist swapping native tongues as the Brazilian ex-pat works the beauty in details for a satisfying disc that succeeds on multiple levels. (LCL)