REZZ Beyond the Senses

REZZ Beyond the Senses
Born as Isabelle Rezazadeh and lovingly referred to as Space Mom by her fans, REZZ is seemingly content to continue teasing us with EPs. As we simmer in the prospect of a proper full-length materializing at some point, the latest from the young Niagara Falls producer is a six-track sampler of the headphone-pleasing, main stage destroying style of bass music that has earned her adoration from legions of fans and contemporaries, as well as prime slots at many major EDM festivals.
Beyond the Senses begins with "Dark Age," which burns with a brooding trip-hop flavour, thanks to a boom-bap beat and sombre electric guitar, until its snarling bass line drops, curls up your belly and makes you want to freaky-deaky. A music box melody and atmospheric whine underscores its ghostly aspect.
Unfortunately, Underoath's emo vocals on "Falling" are brutally cheesy, but when its finger-snapping electro house beat with a side chained bass line drops, all is forgiven.
"Kiss of Death" comes on like an idling chainsaw, revving up with skittering percussion and warped bass lines toward drum & bass, but the meaty beat lands on dubstep-tinged sledgehammer house.
"Stress" haunts with hissed vocals twisted demonically as it lands on a sluggish, techy house beat, while "Your Soul Will Never Be Released" continues the ominous mood, with guttural growls of low bass destined to shred subwoofers.
Polishing off the EP, "Lonely" pairs plaintive feminine vocals with complementary piano turning to organ as the track progresses, a slight kick drum shuffle breaking up the beat. Along with "Dark Age," it tastefully bookends the EP with its two most different tracks, pending a greater sense of an accomplished journey.
Those are all just words, though. They really don't do justice to the complexity, originality and energy of REZZ's sound, perfected evermore on Beyond the Senses. That is something you need to experience for yourself, in headphones or at a stage, at the highest possible volume. (Independent)