The Rest "Hey! For Horses" (video)

The Rest 'Hey! For Horses' (video)
Earlier this year, Hamilton, ON's the Rest released their full-length Seesaw. Now, the group are going about promoting it by unveiling a video for the album cut "Hey! For Horses."

The song is a briskly clattering pop-rock number, which is given an extra injection of fun thanks to its quirky video. The clip cuts between stop-motion horses and shots of a pair of cardboard puppets making out. Things eventually get slightly NSFW, as the puppets take off one another's clothes and have bump uglies in a barn.

There's nothing too graphic, but there is a whole lot of pelvic thrusting. If you thought the sex scenes in Team America: World Police were funny, you're definitely going to want to check out this.

This is the first in a planned series of ten videos — one for each track on Seesaw, which is out now on Auteur Recordings.