The Residents The King and Eye: RMX

In the Residents’ original The King and Eye, a warped version of Elvis’ life accompanies the group’s distinct manipulations of Elvis’ music. It was a common deed for the Residents to butcher various forms of rock’n’roll in order to suit their own needs. Their latest venture however finds German electronic artist Paralyzer regurgitating their regurgitations, giving him free reign to remix the original album. The result is an insane addition of modern electronica to the already innovative work. From the duelling black metal/ethereal melee in "The Devil in Disguise” to the drum & bass sounds in "Surrender,” this is new territory for a product bearing the Eyeball seal of approval. Paralyzer presents a more lucid experience than typical Residents releases and it is likely then that this concept will turn most fans off. After all, the Residents and rave culture are not a common mix. But given a chance, The King and Eye: RMX is a great new way to enjoy an old album. While Paralyzer adds his own spin to the tracks, the bizarre spirit of the Residents’ work still lies beneath ("A Fool Such As I” is actually improved upon). Definitely a good place for someone to begin exploring the richly disturbed world of the Residents. (Euroralph)