Renny Wilson Releases 'Punk Explosion' Album

Renny Wilson Releases 'Punk Explosion' Album
Renny Wilson's prior album for Mint Records, Sugarglider, emphasized hazy disco grooves, but he has revealed a very different side of his musical personality with the newly self-released Punk Explosion.

As the title implies, these eight songs are much louder and more punk-inspired than what we've previously heard from Wilson, as they teem with glammy guitar distortion and yelped vocal shrieks. In an announcement, the songwriter described the album as "my own personal Chinese Democracy," explaining that the eight songs had been recorded between 2007 and 2014.

This is the realization of what Wilson had intended to be his next project following the breakup of his old band, the Subatomics. Although he ultimately went in a different direction, he periodically revisited this punk project as a way to "vent my frustration in musical form, and exercise the muscles that made me in the first place."

The album costs $5 to purchase on Bandcamp or can be streamed in full below. Scroll past his tour schedule to listen.

Tour dates:

07/01 Edmonton, AB - Wunderbar
07/02 Saskatoon, SK - Vangelis Tavern
07/03 Winnipeg, MB - Open Mic @ A.n.a.f. Club 60
07/06 Guelph, ON - Silence (The Space)
07/07 London, ON - Richmond Tavern
07/08 Ottawa, ON - Mugshots
07/09 Montreal, QC - Drones Club