Remote Too Low to Miss

The Remote is the latest musical project from Ashtrax’s Ashley Casselle and her recording partner James Christopher, and combines the talents of DJ/producer Azad Rizvi, as well as musicians Cobra and Marcello into a well-polished and radio friendly dance/rock band. Short tracks, catchy vocals and simple melodies make Too Low To Miss instantly palatable. Opening with the squeaky electro-tech of "Pretty Girls Make Mothers,” which rolls off into the anthemic pop rock of "She’s Going Out Tonight,” Too Low To Miss coasts through a seamless set of house, breaks and electro-edged rock and pop. The lyrics are constant and sometimes the driving force of tracks, and Ben Lost’s treated and tweaked-out vocals, which comes across as a mating between Billy Idol and Dave Gahan, hooks you in, especially in tracks such as the instant sing-along "Play it Rosa.” (Global Underground)