Remembering Never God Save Us

Formerly an emotional metalcore outfit with more in common with Poison the Well or From Autumn to Ashes, South Florida’s Remembering Never have officially redefined the term "beatdown” and raised the bar higher than the likes of Hatebreed, Bury Your Dead, etc likely ever thought possible. God Save Us is a merciless, spine-shattering assault that maintains a respectably "tough” outer shell, while offering more than enough depth to provide motivation for repeat, even back-to-back listens. In fact, the group’s sharp amalgamation of mosh-ready chugs, whirlwind noise riffage and the occasional dab of reflective melody will more than likely soar right past you upon initial analysis — at a solid 37 minutes, one is barely given the opportunity to pick their withered, decimated carcass from the ground before the disc draws to a close. Further demonstrating their immense songwriting abilities, the album provides three or four solid hooks that instantly grab hold and keep the listener coming back for more, slowly allowing each battering breakdown and frantic transition to worm their way into the skull and strengthen the album’s replay value. Fronted by one of the most convicted voices in the genre, Pete Kowalsky (xBishopx, ex-Until the End), the lyrics are yet another selling point — those who thought they had heard all the left-wing, militantly vegan prose possible with Earth Crisis have another thing coming, although the socially conscious approach is balanced by a healthy dose of personal subject matter. There is no reason to waste any time, anyone even remotely interested in this kind of music should be racing to the nearest record store already, cash already clasped in their mosh glove clad hands. (Ferret)