Reema Major

I Am Legend

BY Chris DartPublished May 27, 2011

I Am Legend, the new mixtape ― and by" mixtape," we mean album ― from much-hyped, Sudanese-born, Kansas City- and Toronto-raised teenage sensation Reema Major proves beyond a doubt that this young prospect is ready for rap's major leagues. Her penchant for over-the-top outfits and unnatural hair colours has earned major comparisons to Nicki Minaj, but her voice has more in common with MC Lyte and she has the ability to switch up her flow, from slow and deliberate on "The Light" to mind-blowingly quick on the appropriately named "Double Time." She also proves that she can make an epic single, "Ghetto Kids" (the video for which is currently blowing up on YouTube), and shows that she can get deeper than brag raps and street talk on "Father." Reema Major isn't a good female rapper; she's not a good 15-year-old rapper. She's a straight-up good rapper, no qualifiers needed. That said, her young age means that her ceiling is almost frighteningly high.

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