Reefill Reefill

From the budget, Photoshop-style cover art to the bio that informs us that this Winnipeg, MB-based MC is "someone who buys butter instead of margarine," the chances that this release will be a certified heater are fairly slim. In goes the disc and the hunch becomes reality. Album opener "Born To Kill" sounds eerily similar to punk rap turd "My Dick" by sleazeball Mickey Avalon, with the ColecoVision backbeat and elementary flow. On "Roaches," Reefill discusses the trials and tribulations of marijuana (no way!?) and the clowns that are always bogarting his doobie over yet another pedestrian beat — Reefill admits to sampling his PS2 — and some laughable wordplay: "Roaches/Roaches/They disappear when the light approaches." This project, which Refill wrote and produced entirely, makes you feel like you're listening to some kid bust a freestyle at lunch in the high school cafeteria while you sit there stoned, deciding if you should go to your next class or not. (Independent)