BY Keith CarmanPublished Jun 7, 2010

Expressly influential yet often overlooked, England's Redskins were an early '80s leftist punk/ska/dance outfit responsible for the politi-punk sub-movement bearing their name. Still, while time hasn't eroded their catchy, upbeat songs at all, neither has it lent them much in the way of reverence or respect, something this collection of singles, demos and live tracks endeavours to change. Featuring 11 tunes from the band's short yet vibrant history, these songs culled from the CNT singles, early material and stint as No Swastika sound crisp, enthusiastic and interestingly progressive even after so many years. One can hear both the punk rock and eventual new wave influence on tracks such as "Lean On Me" and "Unionize," songs that are surprisingly fresh and contextually relevant to this day. However, while many of Redskins' releases were infinitely catchy, they were also a touch too long, rendering moments of Epilogue a bit draining. Still, with their Youth Brigade-meets-Specials-meets-Billy Bragg atmosphere, it's a standout piece of political punk rock's past.

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