Red Moon Road

"Beauty in These Broken Bones" (video)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Aug 12, 2015

Winnipeg folk unit Red Moon Road have followed up their "Words of the Walls" video from late last year with a brand new set of visuals, this time for "Beauty in These Broken Bones."
The track will appear on the band's upcoming record Sorrows and Glories and it offers up rootsy instrumentation, powerful soul vocals and a stomping beat that gets bolstered by audience participation in the new clip. As for the subject matter, its one that singer Sheena Rettai knows all too well; a couple years back, she broke her leg in a "Frisbee-catch-gone-horribly-wrong" scenario, which led to a cancelled tour, followed by a lengthy process of recovery and writing.
The video features a filmed black-and-white live studio take of the track, and as mentioned previously, sees the band getting some help from a roomful of friends that also serve as a choir and back-up rhythm section.
Sorrows and Glories is out on September 11. Watch the video for "Beauty in These Broken Bones" in the player below.

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