Red Fang "Shadows" (video)

Red Fang 'Shadows' (video)
You don't mess with a man's vintage, autographed copy of a Predator comic without expecting vicious payback. That's the lesson we learn in the new, gory music video for Portland metal combo Red Fang's "Shadows."

The vid begins with the band accidentally nudging another car while they leave the city for a camping trip, a minor fender bender that leaves a once-mint comic book soaked in soda. A beleaguered pair of nerds opt to get even by crashing the outdoor retreat, ganking the band's case of PBR and hunting them down, Predator-style. What ensues are a series of infrared shots, an uncomfortable impalement, the spilling of guts and more.

You can see the nerds' rampage below, courtesy of Funny or Die, while Red Fang's new Only Ghosts LP arrives October 14 via Relapse Records.