Red Dons Death to Idealism

Where Portland punk band the Observers left off, Red Dons take over. Featuring previous Observers singer Doug Burns, as well as Justin Maur from the Clorox Girls on guitar, Red Dons are the replacement that Observers fans have been craving. Featuring a style that’s both catchy and dark, not unlike that of the Wipers, Death to Idealism — the band’s first full-length — is filled with powerful themes, vibrant rhythms and classic vocals. Burns proves his simple yet dynamic songwriting ability with the melancholy themes and eerie melodies of songs like "Walk Alone” and the almost menacing "Everyday Distractions.” Sonically, the production on Death to Idealism would typically leave a lot to be desired but the distant sounding vocals and rough guitars only add to the feel of the album. Death to Idealism is a must for anyone hoping to find a modern equivalent to the classic punk of the ’70s and ’80s. (Deranged)