Red Ants Omega Point

Hell, yeah! Red Ants have done it again. While not as obviously aggressive as their slept on classic (Phobos Deimos), sophomore album Omega Point is still very dark, but with even heavier bass and drums. At the same time, it’s also a much more spacey and atmospheric album. Vincent Price has improved as a producer, instilling a lot more musicality and movement into his beats, and MC Modulok uses that opportunity to bring a little more of himself into his usual apocalyptic braggadocio. The tough guy boasts are still there but they’re joined by stories about urban crazies ("A Kind of Grim”), political conspiracy theorising ("Keep Your Satellites Out of My Brain”) and even two songs inspired by books ("Versus” and "Psychic Dictatorship”). Intelligence and anger make for a formidable combination, and Modulok use them to his advantage to attain his position as one of the best MCs currently in Canada. Do yourself a favour and pick this one up. It’s the perfect hip-hop soundtrack as the world comes crumbling down around you. (Urbnet)