Rebel Rhythm Nuestra Music

Adding to the already growing movement of new and exciting Latin music coming from this side of the border, Guelph-based band Rebel Rhythm make their startling debut with Nuestra Musica. Formed by brothers Amadeo and Ernesto Ventura after finishing with the very popular Mambo Urbano parties that first combined the DJ/live Latin funk vibe in Toronto in the mid- to late ’90s, Rebel Rhythm pick up where they left off, this time inviting powerhouse Latin music player Luis Obregoso to lead on vocals and percussion. Nuestra Musica follows the trail once blazed by the likes of Ray Barreto and Mongo Santamaria with an inspired mix of original material that doesn’t shy away from using modern electronics to create a Latin music project like you’ve never heard before. Tracks like "Sonrisas” bubble with Latin house-inspired funk and "Antillano” is a serious Afro-Latin roots-flavoured track that is strictly for the dancers. Definitely inspired by classic grooves, but grounded on contemporary dance floor aesthetics, this exciting debut album sparks with enough energy to get any party started. Rebel Rhythm stand as a shining testament to the variety and depth of our homegrown talent and Nuestra Musica is surely the tip of what promises to be a very big iceberg. (Firegrooves)