The Reason Suffer Two Vehicle Accidents on Their Way Back Home from Canadian Tour

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Dec 3, 2013

The Reason ended their recent Canadian tour on a sour note, having experienced two separate accidents along icy highways on the way back to Hamilton.

According to the group's Facebook page, the first accident took place on Sunday (December 1) in Saskatchewan, with the band's van hitting a patch of black ice and spinning out into a ditch. While they reported that "we got away unscathed," a broken axel forced the band to stay put in Regina until it was repaired.

They soon got back on the road, but unfortunately a second, more intense accident was to follow. Yesterday (December 2), the band hit another patch of black ice on the highway, close to Moosomin, SK, leading them to once again spin out. This time, as you can see in the picture above, the trailer full of band gear flipped. Thankfully, no major injuries were incurred, but the van and trailer had to be towed. The band were taken to a hotel in Brandon, MB.

The plan right now is to fly back home, have the gear sent back their way, sell the trailer and get rid of the van somehow.

"In 10 years of this band and 3 years touring in SWN before this we have never, ever been in an accident and in two days we have been in two. It's too scary," the Reason wrote in a second Facebook post. "We've been through some serious stuff as a band but this a new sort of morale killer."

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