The Reason Explored in New Documentary

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Oct 20, 2015

The decade-long career of Canadian rock group the Reason — not to mention a pair of devastating van accidents the band faced in 2013 — will be analyzed in a new documentary titled If It's Not Something, It's Something Else. The film makes its premiere next month at the Hamilton Film Festival.

A press release notes that director Chris Paco's film had initially planned to document the band's 10th anniversary tour before turning into a much larger project, one that is said to play out as "a coming of age tale of friendship and endurance that illustrates what it's like to grow from enthusiastic youngster, to practical adult with different priorities."

The documentary follows the Hamilton band's travels across the county — whether by train, van or automobile — leading up to the nearly deadly pair of accidents the group endured in December 2013. As previously reported, the outfit's vehicle hit patches of ice on two consecutive nights, having spun out and landed in a ditch near Regina the first night, and flipped their van and trailer the next evening near Moose Jaw, SK.

The act have been on hiatus since the accidents, with it noted that the Reason were left "shocked, startled and pondering if their passion for playing music and life on the road was in fact 'worth the risk.'"

While the future of the band is apparently still uncertain, it's noted that If It's Not Something, It's Something Else is "never bitter."

The film premieres November 8 at Hamilton's Stair Case Theatre, as part of the Hamilton Film Festival. Tickets can be purchased over here.

The Reason's last release was 2013's Hollow Tree EP.

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