Branded For Life

BY Keith CarmanPublished Aug 30, 2011

How is it that only after giving up their more "extreme" side most heavy musicians actually learn how to kick ass? Taking a page out of the careers of Birth A.D. and Hellacopters, Swedish rock'n'roll brigade Rawhide break away from their other jobs in more overbearing bands to try their hand at some good old Gearhead-style rock on Branded For Life. Still, they do more than just tear shit down; they deconstruct it to the point of stripped nuts and broken bolts by pulling from the influence of death punks Turbonegro, balls-out grit gurus New Bomb Turks, the explosive Hookers and the almighty Motörhead. Harkening back to the explosive, pelvic dominance of Red Hot Lovers colliding against Bitchin' Camaros, Branded For Life is a grinding assault of barrelling punk rock'n'roll injected with enough malicious metal to ensure there's even more danger, intensity and cacophony than one would typically expect. Bullet may have held the throne of up-and-coming Swedish dirt rockers, but with one fell swoop, Rawhide have come along, stolen it and turned it into a filthy, salaciously fiendish perch.

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