Ratking Set Sights on French Montana Collaboration

Ratking Set Sights on French Montana Collaboration
Coming off one of the year's arguably best hip-hop albums, So It Goes, New York City trio Ratking have attracted critical praise from the media and their peers for their off-kilter tempos and lyrical dexterity. As a result, members Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life are already eyeing collaborators for their next project, some of which may come as a surprise for fans.

"We meet a lot of people just travelling," Sporting Life tells Exclaim! "The way I look at it, I want to add people who have a different skill set than me, like dope producers, mixing engineers and MCs too. We're actually trying to get French Montana on a track."

After landing the likes of legendary engineer/producer Young Guru on their debut, the chance of more high-profile appearances in the future only seems likely. However, even with the group's rising stock, they still emphasize making the music as organic as possible.

"We were kind of just tossing the idea around because we were listening to a lot of his mixtapes and others from like '06 and '07, and we're like, 'Cool, whose voice would be dope to put on a Ratking track?' It also helps we have a bunch of really talented friends around us — MCs and people who aren't even MCs, so when it comes to collaborations, we try to make them as natural as possible."

Wiki adds, "I think when we meet people in person it's better, you know what I mean? If we hang out with them, listen to music together — just chill, then it kind of [flows] in the best possible way."

For now, you can see Ratking's upcoming show schedule here.