Randwiches What Year

male member of the rocking, babe-o-ramalamalicious the Luvulator. Half the band left to arm-wrestle NYC, so Randy called up some buddies and spawned the What Year disc. Featuring some unknown but outrageously talented guests who all seem to play in each others bands, like Alex Lukashevsky, brother and sister guitar/bass tag team combo Nick and Katia (also a Luvulator) Taylor, and Kim Temple, who also appear in Deep Dark United, Black Eyes, Decoy and many other fine musical combos, just to name a few. This disc is about fun, fun with tunes, with friends and creating irreverent rock classics like the psychedelic "Summer's Always Dripping," or a nod to Tom Waits with "Wooster." My only beef with What Year is the spotty production - sometimes the lo-fi works and sometimes it seems like someone pressed play during a jam session. Either way, it's a sneak peek at what's percolating in the underbelly of Toronto. (Kosher Rock)