Rancid Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Giant 7-Inch Box Set

Rancid Celebrate 20th Anniversary With Giant 7-Inch Box Set
Californian street punk kings Rancid formed an impressive 20 years ago as of 2012, meaning they'd be missing the boat if they didn't celebrate the milestone somehow. Thankfully, they've decided to look back on their career with a sprawling 7-inch box set.

Rather than reissue their singles or something equally boring, they've decided to repress all of the material they've ever released on 45 rpm 7-inch vinyl. That means the Essentials box includes 46 records in total, and they come cased in a leather box.

The enormous collection includes all seven of the band's studio albums along with their 2007 compilation B Sides and C Sides and an acoustic version of Let The Dominoes Fall.

The box is limited to 1,000 pieces on red vinyl, 500 on white vinyl and another 500 on white vinyl with red splatters. There will also be individual releases of each 7-inch on black vinyl, but if you want the fancy box you'll definitely want to pre-order the collection if you want any chance of getting it.

The pre-order takes place tomorrow (October 9) via Pirates Press. The release is expected to ship at the end of November.

For more information on the release, go here.