Ramesses Take The Curse

Proving their personal legacies were no fluke ― Ramesses are comprised of former Electric Wizard and Putrefaction members ― this blackened doom power trio unleash some seriously oppressive dirge on sophomore full-length Take The Curse. Driving right into Black Sabbath-meets-Monster Magnet territory on lead track "Iron Crow" (yet disfiguring those uncomplicated influences thanks to some dissonant passages, an overall bleakness and touches of Neurosis-worthy chunk), the album becomes increasingly cryptic and oddly stoner-ish as it plays out. Still, the band find room to throw a few moments of spiralling psychedelic tweaks tempered by composed paces into the fold while never losing focus on the power of the primary riff. While nothing surprising or incredibly aggressive comes out of this British brigade, the comfort with which they relay such creepy groove metal ensures Take The Curse is still an enjoyably bleak affair. (Ritual)