Ramasutra El Pipo Del Taxi EP

This five-song EP offers fans a taste of things to come on Ramasutra’s forthcoming full-length, La Villa Medusa. El Pipo Del Taxi begins with the mysterious "Kwaidan,” densely textured by Japanese percussion by the Arashi Daiko ensemble. Next, "Magma Mama” summons haunted vocals over a serpentine melodic lick and dub foundation. Later, the "More Magma” remix flips the vibe with Latin piano and reverbed-out guitars. "The Losing Hand” is a collision of jazz vocals, Brazilian rhythms, and slide guitar courtesy of Shakti’s Debashish Bhattacharya. Finally, "The Curse of the Eye” is a groove-based track peppered with percussive bursts and eerie samples, resulting in a darkly cinematic mood. Despite its wild eclecticism, El Pipo Del Taxi is an aurally satisfying whole. (Semprini)