Ralph Ralph EP

Ralph Ralph EP
Lovers of synth-fuelled dance pop will find much to love among the six dreamy jams that make up Toronto artist Ralph's self-titled debut EP.
Courtesy of an unabashed affinity for the glittery pop of yesteryear, the songwriting style favoured by Ralph, aka Raffa Weyman, is strikingly familiar. While modern in production, the melodies on songs like "Tease" and "Crocodile Tears" feel rooted in the Stevie Nicks power ballads of the '70s and '80s, lending an element of agelessness to the project.
From a narrative stance, the EP is an exploration of modern romance told in six parts. "Something More" is post-honeymoon phase gold, chronicling the anxiety that comes with ditching comfort for the unknown: "Is there something more, is there something better / And will I find it if I leave you behind?" she sings. Ralph's lyrics expose realities that pop this sugar-sweet rarely explore, and the dichotomy between candid words and colourful sounds is the perfect storm for peak danceability.

The sounds on the EP are about what you'd expect to hear from similar acts like Haim or Tegan and Sara. Relying on the same instrumental tricks found elsewhere, it's up to Ralph's lyrics and performance to steal the show, and on that front, Ralph succeeds. Honest and unafraid, the self-titled EP is an enjoyable if not familiar-sounding debut from Toronto's latest pop savant. (Woof Music)