Rafter Sweaty Magic

The first release from his infamous "song-a-day” writing cycle, Sweaty Magic is an exhilarating departure for San Diego’s Rafter Roberts, who aims his shakin’ makin’ bullets at booties on these noise-inspired, experimental dance tracks. Working as a jingle writer and record producer, Rafter’s accustomed to switching things up and exploring vast sonic terrain. On previous records, he’s hinted at the groove monster lurking within but seemed keen to craft contrary indie rock that’s at best difficult to engage with for prolonged periods. Things changed with the vividly accessible soul pop of Sex Death Cassette, released at the beginning of 2008. Sweaty Magic references those ingredients, chewing them up in a blender and spitting out a skittering, brief collection that brings sexy back on a whole new level. With a dash of Prince and Tropicália, Sweaty Magic is the kind of gutsy, body movin’ record Beck should be releasing, or at least enlisting Rafter to help him make. (Asthmatic Kitty)