Rae Spoon Unveils 'My Prairie Home'

Rae Spoon Unveils 'My Prairie Home'
While currently based out of Montreal, country and electro-pop experimenter Rae Spoon has announced a new LP and documentary about life back in Alberta titled My Prairie Home. The album arrives August 13 through Saved by Radio.

The follow-up to 2012's I Can't Keep All of Our Secrets was co-produced by Spoon and Lorrie Matheson, and a press release adds that it "explores the meaning of home when it is no longer a place one can return to."

Strung throughout the personal song cycle are tracks homing in on themes of "death, coming out as queer during high school, and surviving abuse." Musically, it's said to touch on folk and gospel sounds, while also verging on indie rock and grunge.

You can sample the gentle, horns-and-electronics-spiked "I Will Be a Wall" down below.

My Prairie Home acts as the score and soundtrack to an upcoming National Film Board musical documentary of the same name. Directed by Chelsea McMullan, the film will focus on Spoon's early days, "growing up and surviving in an evangelical Christian family." The film is set to premiere sometime this fall, following the release of the LP.

My Prairie Home:

1. Amy Grant
2. Sunday Dress
3. Glacier Step
4. This Used To Be The Bottom Of An Ocean
5. Moving Bus
6. I Will Be A Wall
7. Airplane Home
8. Cowboy
9. Grass, Sky, Wind
10. Love Is A Hunter
11. How Do You Run?
12. Truck Chase
13. Snake In The Water
14. Church
15. I Want
16. Tyrrell
17. God Was On Your Shoulders
18. Birds Take Off
19. I Can't Tear It From Me