​Radiohead's Philip Selway on the Band's Return to Toronto: "It's Very Frustrating"

The group's concerts this week mark their first in the city since a fatal stage collapse in 2012
​Radiohead's Philip Selway on the Band's Return to Toronto: 'It's Very Frustrating'
Radiohead return to Toronto for tour stops today and tomorrow (July 20), marking the band's first performances in the city since a stage collapse at Downsview Park killed drum technician Scott Johnson in 2012. And while fans are eager to see their return, the band doesn't seem too thrilled about it.
In an interview on BBC Newsnight last night (July 18), Radiohead drummer Philip Selway spoke about the lack of closure they've received since their last Toronto appearance.
"It's very frustrating," he began, before explaining how the court case against those involved in the stage collapse broke down last year.
"There have been no real answers," Selway continued. "Without the answers we can't ensure that an accident like this can't happen again."
Watch the clip of Selway on Newsnight below.
As previously reported, the court case brought a total of 13 charges against Live Nation, Optex Staging and engineer Domenic Cugliari, but all charges were stayed when Justice Ann Nelson ruled that the case had taken too long to be heard, thus violating the defendants' rights.
When the charges were stayed last year, Radiohead issued a band statement, which read: "This is an insult to the memory of Scott Johnson, his parents and our crew. It offers no consolation, closure or assurance that this kind of accident will not happen again."

On June 16, 2012, an outdoor stage at Downsview Park collapsed shortly before Radiohead were slated to perform. The band's 33-year-old drum tech Scott Johnson was killed in the accident.