Radiohead "Bloom" (Jamie XX remix)

Radiohead 'Bloom' (Jamie XX remix)
The multi-talented Jamie XX can be added to the recent slew of artists who have chosen Radiohead as the subject matter for their remixes. And lucky for us, we can now listen to the producer's remix of "Bloom" now.

For the remix, XX chooses a more ambient path instead of a kick-heavy, dance-oriented mix, exposing his skill here through a more experimental side of electronic production. The subtleties of his work shine through via non-intrusive pads melodically pulsing over light, clicking rhythms, all harmonically complemented by the droning of Thom Yorke.

Clocking in at just over two minutes, the XX remix exhibits his remixing skill efficiently enough for even the most impatient listener.

Check out his remix of "Bloom" below courtesy of Some Kind of Awesome.

Radiohead - "Bloom" (Jamie xx remix) by TheNJUnderground