Radiohead-Approved Concert Bootleg Released Online

Radiohead-Approved Concert Bootleg Released Online
If the news that Radiohead has released a fan-filmed concert movie gives you a sense of déjà vu, it's not just you. Back in August, the band provided the audio masters for a bootleg of a 2009 concert in Prague. Now, the beloved British outfit have authorized the release of a concert video that was filmed on January 24 at the Henry Ford Theatre in Los Angeles.

The gig was a benefit show that aimed to raise money for Haitian relief in the wake of the devastating Port-au-Prince earthquake. In keeping with this spirit of charity, Radiohead have requested that fans who download the new bootleg make a donation to Oxfam.

Although they approved the project, Radiohead didn't provide audio masters this time around. The video footage comes from 14 different fans, while the audio was recorded by four tapers. See the setlist below and the album artwork above.

Download the video here. If you do so, be sure to make a donation to Oxfam Haiti relief right here.

Thanks to TwentyFourBit for the tip.

UPDATE: You can now stream the entire concert in the video below.

For Haiti:

1. "Faust Arp"

2. "Fake Plastic Trees"

3. "Weird Fishes/Arpeggi"

4. "National Anthem"

5. "Nude"

6. "Karma Police"

7. "Kid A"

8. "Morning Bell"

9. "How to Disappear Completely"

10. "Wolf at the Door"

11. "The Bends"

12. "Reckoner"

13. "Lucky"

14. "Body Snatchers"

15. "Dollars & Cents"

16. "Airbag"

17. "Exit Music (for a Film)"
18. "Everything in Its Right Place"

19. "You and Whose Army?"

20. "Pyramid Song"

21. "All I Need"

22. "Lotus Flower"

23. "Paranoid Android"

24. "Street Spirit (Fade Out)"