R.I.P. Warbeast/Rigor Mortis Singer Bruce Corbitt

R.I.P. Warbeast/Rigor Mortis Singer Bruce Corbitt
Bruce Corbitt — the singer of metal acts Warbeast and Rigor Mortis — has died. Following a battle with esophageal cancer, he succumbed to the disease earlier today. He was 56.

Corbitt was diagnosed with cancer in May 2017, when he also went public with his battle. Following various treatments, such as extreme radiation and chemotherapy, his doctor's visit in 2018 brought him the news that the cancer had entered Stage 4.

Despite telling fans this summer that he was approaching remission, Corbitt's health took a turn for the worse and he was eventually moved into hospice care after he was given only two months to two years to live.

"I may not have won this fight, but I did beat it longer than most would have," Corbitt said in a Facebook Live video in December 2017. "I got some extra time in life. I couldn't have done it without my beautiful wife Jeanna Corbitt. The hardest part for me is just knowing that I will have to leave her."

In what would become his final video message, Corbitt said, "Here I am, man — still fighting, fighting, fighting, fighting. I'm never gonna stop fighting. You all know that about me. It's just tough to even use those words: hospice. I never thought I would get to that point."

No statements have yet been made by Warbeast or from Corbitt's family at this time, but tribute posts have already begun to arrive. You can see one below from PR company Earsplit.

Warbeast's last album arrived with 2017's Enter the Arena.