Quill Tolhurst So Rudely Interrupted

You know what it’s like. Music journalist turns rock star? That seems a bigger crime than actors becoming musicians or sports celebrities becoming actors. Yet, such scorn is far from warranted here as the title of this worthy record refers to Quill’s pop star past — some "20 years” past — as a member of the Australian band, Country Radio. The considerable success enjoyed by this band ended when they broke up in ’73. Picking up where they left off — as demanded by their public on a recent return trip to Australia — seemed a good idea. So Rudely Interrupted confirms it as Quill and lynchpin multi-instrumentalist, Kerryn Tolhurst, pick up where they left off with a roots-rich tapestry of acoustic folk meets gentle country rock that pays tribute to their earlier strengths. Quill’s familiar-sounding vocals recall Steve Goodman, John Stewart and, occasionally, John Hartford with any shortcomings buffered by the magnificence of Tolhurst’s graceful instrumental contributions. Sophisticated songwriting is complemented by delicate layers of mandolin, dulcimer and banjo as Quill’s lead vocals steer the band through such outstanding tracks as the hypnotic "Always To The Light,” the rousing "The Boys of Narrabeen” and the darkly poetic "The Killing Heart.” Stirring stuff. (True North)