Quiet Room Reconceived

Release number two from Colorado-based the Quiet Room sees the band going for a more aggressive sound than on their '97 debut. Vocalist Pete Jewel is the main culprit here, now singing with a more aggressive edge similar to Metallica's James Hetfield. This style would be fine if it was used more sporadically, but knowing that Jewel possesses such a great voice makes his use of it seem like a waste. It would be nice if Jewel were willing to change it up a bit and wail in a higher register. The music itself is great crunchy progressive metal with a heavy edge, except on the track "Choke On Me" where they almost venture into Korn territory, especially with the guitar tone and vocal phrasings are concerned. I give them credit for going for a heavier sound instead of just plodding along like most of the other Dream Theatre clones out there, but if Reconceived is any indication of where the band is going, I think I'll jump off now. (Metal Blade)