Quickspace Precious Falling

My first reaction to Quickspace was that they were probably another East Village project, preferring to bury their vocals in art, paying eternal homage to Sonic Youth. To my surprise, they’re actually a UK band doing just that. Quickspace formed in London a few years back, as former Th’ Faith Healers leader Tom Cullinan was in need of a new outlet. While Sonic Youth are certainly a reference point at times, Quickspace have more going for them in the vocal category, where Cullinan’s voice blends nicely with guitarist Nina Pascale’s. It’s precious, when you can actually hear it. Quickspace balance vocal sections with an equal dosage of jamming, as best exemplified on “Mouse.” All balance is quite upset by the time we hit “Hadid,” which evolves into an aural massacre comprised of sliced-up remnants of the former “Quickspace Happy Song #2.” A turbulent ride succumbs to keyboards on “Melo,” but only foreshadows more discomfort. After some poppy moments (“Minors”), the climax is realised in three bizarre episodes, beginning with the Stereolab-ish “Coca Lola,” and ending with the Dinner Is Ruined fashioned “The Mountain Waltz” bidding us farewell. To top things off, synths re-enter and take us to the coda, “Goodbye Precious Mountain.” An oddity, for sure, but a very captivating one. (Hidden Agenda)