Q-Tip on A Tribe Called Quest Documentary: "I Am Not in Support"

Q-Tip on A Tribe Called Quest Documentary: 'I Am Not in Support'
Earlier this week, a trailer hit the Web for an upcoming film called Beats, Rhymes and Life, a full-length documentary on the groundbreaking New York hip-hop crew A Tribe Called Quest. The film was painstakingly made by Michael Rapaport (yes, this guy) over an eight-month period. Though the band agreed to participate, Tribe member Q-Tip has publicly stated that he does not support the film.

 On Thursday (December 2), Tip took to his Twitter to express his concerns about the film. "I am not in support of the a tribe called quest documentary," he wrote, adding, "The filmmaker should respect the band to the point of honoring the few requests that's was made abt the piece."

It's not exactly clear what Q-Tip has a problem with, but it's most likely the heated arguments between band members that were captured in the film.

Regardless of what the band wants, Beats, Rhymes and Life is scheduled to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival this January. In case you've missed it, the film's trailer can be viewed below.