Pyramids Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phase

Pyramids, a three-piece out of Philadelphia, PA, layer hectic vocals over agonised, frenetic guitars and pummelling rhythms in this debut release. Although it’s only seven songs long, Following the Tracks, Forcing Motion Through Phases feels heavy and full, leaving a satisfied feeling at the end. Pyramids (formed by ex-members of A Petal Fallen and the Holy Fucking Spirit) shift and change shape throughout each song, creating an unpredictable, dramatic appeal. "Drifting” explodes in a flurry of guttural nightmares while angular minor chords create jagged rips and tugs, while the following track, "Sleep Spindles K-Complexes” is an epic, swirling creation that begins in a moody wash of brooding guitars before descending into a fit of panicked vocals and frenzied sound. Lyrically, each song is intensely cerebral and fraught with paranoia and nihilism. This debut’s twitching darkness makes an instant, haunting impression. (Laker)