Puscifer Announce 'Money Shot' Album, Share New Video

Puscifer Announce 'Money Shot' Album, Share New Video
It's been close to a decade since Tool released an album — thanks in part to some legal troubles — but frontman Maynard James Keenan is continuing to press ahead with his band Puscifer. Their latest album is called Money Shot and it will be out on October 30.

The album once again finds Keenan accompanied by a revolving cast of contributors. The frontman co-produced the album along with returning collaborator Mat Mitchell, and a press release credits Carina Round with "some additional awesome sauce." In recent months, Puscifer had been posting photos and updates from the studio (one such picture is above).

This follow-up to 2011's Conditions of My Parole consists of 10 songs. Keenan said in a statement, "It's extremely satisfying to witness simple conversations and ideas transform into completed sonic landscapes. And to have these stories go above and beyond the initial ideas makes my grumpy heart swell three sizes."

Below, watch a video for the Money Shot cut "Grand Canyon" [via Rolling Stone]. The track is a sombre electro-song number, while the accompanying video conveys the song's title by showing shots of Grand Canyon and cinematic desert footage. Direction is credited to Keenan, Puscifer and Ghost Atomic.

Money Shot isn't the first time that Puscifer have released music with a rather raunchy, sexual title. Their 2007 debut album was called "V" Is for Vagina, they had a 2007 stand-alone single called "Cuntry Boner," and they've had EPs called "C" Is for (Please Insert Sophomoric Genitalia Reference HERE) (2009) and Donkey Punch the Night (2013).