Pursuit Grooves Drake Underground, Toronto, ON, October 18

Pursuit Grooves Drake Underground, Toronto, ON, October 18
Photo: Vincent Pollard
Taking to the stage after an excellent set by Guelph's hip-hop beatmaker extraordinaire Elaquent, Pursuit Grooves (aka Vanese Smith) took to the stage playing her imitable brand of driving yet soulful tunes. A couple of tracks in, she asked the crowd to shout "Got the power!" on the count of three, which had the intended effect of getting the crowd going. On point with her beats and on the mic, Smith moved to the front of the stage for a lone rap track.

Smith's music is imbued with such satisfyingly intense bass and with such a great swing to it, dolling out grooves that you can really move to and music so eclectic, it could fit on almost any bill — be it UK bass, techno or hip-hop — as it all blends so much together so seamlessly.

Smith has a quiet confidence in what she's doing and full command of her equipment and her performance, making her set a great end to a night of great performances.