Purity's Failure Extensions

In a time when metal that brings the mosh more than the menace is threatening to consume the underground and pierce the mainstream, it's refreshing to see a band attempt something more. Following up 2002's Deconstruction with this six-song, 28-minute EP, the growth and distillation of talent and potential is undeniable. Gone for the most part are the rote metalcore staples Purity's Failure pummelled with on Destruction, concentrating on the more unorthodox, discordant, inventive riffing and structures previously hinted at. The Drowningman comparisons (minus the melody) are still apt, and their focus on less standard metallic riffing recalls contemporaries Suicide Note and Curl Up and Die. Another aspect to their sonic weight is vocalist Mike DiNocco, whose vaguely Bloodlet-like bellow brings the harsh, but he counters with some clean singing. They even bring the moody and sombre before plying old school doom in closer "Jail.” (Goodfellow)