Purgatory Cold Side of Reality

Purgatory Cold Side of Reality
There are only 35 seconds of moderate ambience on the latest offering from Purgatory. Back with an enlivened lineup that now features members of No Victory and Orthodox, the group spare listeners with barely enough time to sit at a red light before unleashing over 20 minutes of crunchy hardcore venom throughout Cold Side of Reality.
A re-recorded version of 2016's "Pray for Death" shows its final form as an unrelenting brick house of fervent vocal delivery from Matt Anderson and metallic guitar dive bombs that are fated for the mosh pit. Meanwhile the Shattered Realm-esque guitar leads add nuance to the mostly chuggy tempos throughout "Down for Mine (D4m)." The mid-paced breakdown that concludes the song features a list of shout-outs to their label and brother bands. It would be ostentatious if any other act in the growing junior-Cold as Life sphere did this, but the camaraderie in Purgatory's camp feels authentic.
Cold Side of Reality is mostly an angry, pulsing vein but "Sincerely Yours" and "Violence as My Vice" both show Purgatory's stutter. Their slammy tempos lose pace with Anderson's howl, which often feels dusty. Despite that, there is a desolate temper that is consistent throughout the release.
Purgatory shoot to kill on Cold Side of Reality. Although it is not nearly as menacing after a few spins, it is certainly a consistent soundtrack for weightlifting at the gym. (Unbeaten Records)